Adding joy to everyday objects


ANLOSK is the brainchild of self-proclaimed designer and ceramists, Annika Løbnitz Skjoldborg. In the middle of a sleepless night, I started questioning why toilet paper holders are all so bland. An odd train of thought that led to a mental 3 am drawing of the helping hand toilet paper holder (coming soon). Since then, countless of quirky designs have been dreamed up, most of which have yet to meet the world.  

The simple mission of ANLOSK is to add joy to your everyday objects. I dream to do so by making you smile, laugh or maybe question what the fuck it is that you’re looking at. I am always exploring how the form of essential everyday items in our homes can be played with without losing function. Simply to make life a bit more colorful, fun and functional.

At ANLOSK I am curious about the relationship between people and their things. I believe that we should live with less but better objects, and that every item we let into our homes should be a favourite.

All ANLOSK products are handmade in my small studio in Copenhagen.