Helping Hand Bookend

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For all the book lovers out there, this helping hand will keep your collection in order. With a custom aluminium insert, the hand stabilizes your books from two sides and ensures they do not fall over. Perfect for cookbooks on the counter, the half-full bookshelf or the currently reading section of your nightstand.

Stoneware clay and glaze, aluminium and epoxy. 

Approximate measurements
Height 17 cm 
Width 12 cm
Depth 1,7 cm

Every ANLOSK item is handmade in my small studio in Copenhagen. The Helping Hand Bookend is cast in a plaster mould, which has been moulded around an original handbuilt ANLOSK design. As with all handmade things, each one differs slightly in its looks. The aluminium plate is a custom design produced for ANLOSK at JW Industri in Denmark. 

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