Hungry Bowl XS

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The Hungry Bowl XS was designed as an egg cup guaranteed to bring your egg eating game to another level, but turned out to be so much more. This tiny mouthful can hold your favourite jewelry, ear plugs, salt, morning vitamins or olive pits, just to name a few. A little pop of joy all around the house.

Psst! If you buy 4 you get them for 1000 DKK. The discount is applied at checkout ūüíú

Stoneware clay and glaze.

Approximate measurements 
Height 3,5 cm
Length 7,5 cm
Width 6 cm

The Hungry Bowls are perfectly happy with going into the dishwasher, if you're lucky enough to have one of those. 

Every ANLOSK item is handmade in my small studio in Copenhagen. The Hungry Bowls have come to life through handcasted plaster molds, which have been molded around an original handbuilt ANLOSK design. Though the bowls are slipcasted, they will differ slightly in their looks, as they are all carefully trimmed and painted by hand.

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